Track N Find GPS Undergarments 4 kids


As parents of autistic children, one of our biggest fears is that our child will wander away. We have all thought about it and pray that we never have to deal with this. However, as more and more people become aware of the problem, more and more companies are starting to find ways to help parents and caregivers address the issue. One of those companies is Track N Find GPS Undergarments 4 Kids. Track N Find GPS Undergarments 4 Kids is a new company owned by Toron Larkins. I recently had the opportunity to interview him and get more information the product and the inspiration behind the company.

Can you tell us more about the company and what inspired you to create a product for autistic children?

The 15 months l spent in prison was the worst experience of my life. During my incarceration l vowed to change my life and make a difference in the world. Being locked up you have nothing but time on your hands which l used wisely to outline my life upon release right down to the smallest detail. As a black man re-entering society with one strike against me the odds where definitely stacked against me but failure was no option. l had something to prove to myself and to my family and friends. I quickly obtained my GED and decided to also pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Business.  My grandparents had one of the first black owned funeral homes in Clearwater Florida so entrepreneurship has always been in my blood. I came up with the concept for my invention after hearing a shocking story told to me by my identical twin brother about how his kids were temporarily missing. He remembers how helpless he and his wife felt because they had exhausted all ideas and were at the mercy of time.  Luckily my niece and nephew returned home safely after wandering off but from that experience spurred the idea for Track N Find GPS Undergarments 4 Kids.  Shortly before the completion of the device, l came into contact with an old friend of mine whose autistic son had recently passed away. She told me her story about the wandering problems with Autistic kids which is how l became a strong advocate for Autism awareness. I vowed to dedicate my invention to the Autism community, the elderly, as well as aiding in the prevention of kidnappings or any child taken by force.

How does the device work?
My prototype has one of the smallest GPS devices you will find, it is very accurate and comes with an easy to use application to track your child’s movements. I want you to keep in mind that the prototype l have now will go through a change once funding is reached to unsure everything operates at a high level and meets with my patent specifications. There are many other GPS products on the market but none offer the discreteness that Track N Find GPS Undergarments 4 Kids placement does.




How much will it cost once it hits the market?

Ideally l want to keep cost below 200 as a launch price which will include a complete gps device set, preferably 2 with a set of undergarments of your choosing.

This is the first of it’s kind so l want to make sure I’m completely satisfied with the end results before revealing to the public; this isn’t about money l want to make sure it saves lives! However my prototype offers great qualities that many other devices can’t offer such as no monthly contracts, once you buy you have service for life. My prototype also has one of the smallest GPS devices you will find and is very accurate and comes with a easy to use application to follow movement.

What are the next steps for Track N Find GPS Undergarments 4 Kids?  

I currently have a patent pending status and a working prototype. I’ve taken Track N Find GPS Undergarments 4 Kids as far as l can take it at this time so I’m reaching out to the public for support in helping to get this amazing product out into the market. Exposure is key to attracting serious investors with the ability and funding to take Track N Find GPS Undergarments 4 Kids to the next level where it be of great service to our society.

For more information on the product and the company please visit their Facebook page at  Track-N-Find GPS Undergarments 4 Kids.



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