How to ditch those resolutions and instead create a life action plan!

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At the end of the year I like to look back and reflect on my list of goals. I realize I don’t always accomplish them all but I still feel great about the ones I am able to cross of my list. This year I decided I was going to approach things a little different. I am not going to write down my regular list of goals, instead I am going to sit down and  ask myself a few questions to help me  draft a life action plan. What is a life action plan? It’s a plan that will list the specific actions you need to take in order to achieve or move closer to your dream.  In order to get started or have an idea of what your action plan will look like, you need to ask yourself the following questions:

What would my ideal day look like?  Who will I be spending my day with? What would my stress levels be like? Would I be working in an office? Home? Setting my own hours? How much money would I be making? Will I be traveling? How much time will I be spending with my children?

Some of these questions are hard to answer for us as parents of kids with special needs. Our dreams are often put on hold because we need to focus on our children and making sure they have their own needs met. This is normal in our worlds but it doesn’t mean we can’t dust off those dreams we have on the back burner and attempt to get ourselves back on track. I challenge you to take some time these next few days and think about the dreams and goals you had before your children were born. Try to answer those questions and envision what that life would be like.

I am going to answer these questions as well.  Working  backwards from there to where I am now and jotting down ideas on how I will get there. What steps do I need to take to start moving myself towards making those answers my reality? What is or could potentially stand in my way this year? What can I do to remove or prevent them? All of these answers are going to provide me with a road map and a great way for me to begin drafting my life action plan.

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