How to buy gifts for your child’s service providers without breaking the bank!

After what seemed like an impossible task, I am finally done with buying gifts for the boys’ teachers and therapists. There were quite a few of them so I was a bit concerned I would be going way over budget and we are a little tight as it is. I am sure most of you feel my pain when it comes to buying gifts for so many people and still have money left over for your own family. Well let me give you a few tips on things you can get (no mugs included!):

  1. Scarves-  Who doesn’t love a pretty scarf ?? I figured since the boys had quite a lot of female aides that I would find a cute scarf for each one. Lucky for me I was able to find really nice ones at Five Below.WP_20151221_18_58_15_Pro
  2. Candles- This time of the year everyone can appreciate the lovely smell of fresh cookies, vanilla creme or evergreen. This is why you can’t go wrong with a candle.  Candles are great gifts and you can find nice ones just about everywhere. I came across some Burt’s Bees candles at KMart on sale for $1.50. These will be nicely placed in a bag along with a box of Russell Stover Chocolates and a card.
  3. A box of chocolates/ Candy- Ok so this quite possibly one of the most common gifts this time of year which means you will find them just about everywhere and at a good price. One of my boys happens to have a male therapist on his team so a big box of chocolates seemed to be the easiest choice here. Again Kmart came through and I was able to get 2 boxes for $10.00. WP_20151221_18_53_21_ProWP_20151221_18_53_56_Pro
  4. Picture frames- I love pictures and frames and find them to be such a quick and easy thing to turn into a memorable gift. I found a small wooden frame for 2.99 and I printed out a cute quote to go right inside.WP_20151221_18_56_19_Pro 1
  5. Journals- Journals are great gifts to give to anyone because they can be used for many things. From writing down ideas to making your daily to do lists, everyone can find a great use for it. Another great find at Five Below!WP_20151221_18_56_43_Pro
  6. Tin of cookies- This one I actually didn’t think about until this afternoon when I saw these two cute tins on sale at Kmart (yes i frequent Kmart because it’s down the street from my job lol). They were on sale for $3.99 each which was a great deal. You throw some tissue in there and fill these bad boys up with cookies and you have yourself a great gift for a teacher or the office staff.WP_20151221_18_55_27_Pro

Overall, I spent about 100 dollars on all the gifts which is not terrible considering the amount of people we had to buy for.  I realize the teachers and staff understand that as parents, especially those of use with kids who have additional staff working with them, we can’t always go all out and buy everyone expensive gifts given our situations. So don’t beat yourself up and go broke trying to impress others. There are also lots of gifts you can make at home that won’t break your budget. Get creative and if you can, try to get the kids involved in making some of the gifts as well.




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