A simple act of kindness

The other day while I was out shopping for gifts for the boys’ teachers I came across these two women who were with a group of adults with disabilities. Two of them where in wheelchairs and these two women were attempting to push the wheelchairs while also pushing the shopping cart out of the store. As I was walking out I noticed they were standing outside trying to figure out where to leave the cart full of bags where no one would steal it, since they were not able to push it along with the wheelchairs. I had already been at the store for over an hour thanks to the long lines and I was tired and wanted nothing more than to get home to the hubby and kids but I knew I couldn’t just walk away from them. No one else seemed to care and person after person walked by them in a hurry without making the slightest attempt to help.  I was so angry that no one stopped to help and as they were walking away from the cart, I told them I would stand there and watch it for them. They turned to me,  thanked me and rushed off to get the adults into the van.

I stood there in the cold watching the cart and started thinking about my kids and what life would be like for them as they got older. Would people be this cold and uncaring if they were ever in a situation where they needed help? Why didn’t anyone stop and attempt to help these ladies? Why didn’t anyone care? Were they all so busy with their own lives that they couldn’t take 5 minutes to help another person?  Perhaps I see things differently because my kids have special needs but I want to believe that even before I became a mom, I would’ve done the same thing. I would’ve stopped and taken the time to help someone out because it is the right thing to do. It is the kind thing to do.

A few minutes had gone by when one of the ladies came back and thanked me for watching the cart. I then thanked her for watching and caring for those adults who I didn’t even know. I told her I had two little ones with special needs myself and at that moment she turned to me and hugged me. She gave me one of the most sincere hugs anyone has every given me. She thanked me again and then turned to me and told me not to worry about my kids because I was a good person and God would make sure I received many blessings in return. I walked away in tears and sat in my car thinking about her words. Thinking about how many times a day we have the opportunity to touch someone else’s life with a simple act of kindness and how many times we actually do it. When was the last time you helped someone out? When was the last time you gave without expecting in return? When was the last time you did the right thing because it was the kind thing to do?



3 thoughts on “A simple act of kindness

  1. Thoughtful post. I think American society and all of its emphasis on speed causes people to not even notice others who might need help. And for others who do notice, the thought too often is “I don’t have time to stop and help.” True, there are others that just don’t care but I think many do–if they would just slow down and remember what is truly important. There is no greater gift than helping others.


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